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The First Note


Welcome to MUSICAAA! (Music Association for Autism and ADHD).

Music has the magical ability to evoke emotions and trigger unexpected feelings. Our goal is to raise public awareness and money for Autism and ADHD community through early music education.

MUSICAAA is a student-run non-profit organization consisting of middle school to college students dedicating their time to teach autistic/ADHD children music. We find and collect used instruments from donors and donate them to autistic/ADHD children. 

Connect In Harmony


We are connecting with students from middle school to college who are active members in the community

Positions needed:

Youth Music Teacher

Instrument Collecting Officer

Recruiting Officer


Earn volunteer hours

Gain work experience

Help children in need

The Future Sounds Good

We wish to bring awareness and celebrate various projects with organizations who serve our communities.


If you are a student who cares about Autism and ADHD children, please join our volunteer work!

If you have instruments to donate, please leave us a message in the contact tab. 

Monetary donations can also be made to MUSICAAA. The easiest way is to click the Donate tab on this website. 

We will celebrate each year with a holiday benefit concert. Hope to see you there!

      Kenny Ji        
Founder Bio


The organization was founded in 2021 by Kenny Ji, based in Melbourne, Florida.


From a young age, Kenny recognized the power and impact of music, both as a performer and now as a high school student pursuing college studies in music history and musicology and exploring their intersections with public policy and local community organization. His background includes studying as a jazz musician playing piano and saxophone and playing in his high school jazz band, raising money for Autistic children through a solo performance at New York City's world-famous Carnegie Hall, and serving on the student board of MusicMDs.

MUSICAAA is run by a growing community of middle-school to college-aged students who share their time, talent and passion for music education with children living with autism and ADHD. 

Research studies, such as one conducted by Knapik-Szweda, shows that music has the powerful ability to improve attention, communication, social skills, and manners in children with Autism. 

Current initiatives include an ongoing collection drive of used instruments, which are donated on a regular basis to under-resourced children. Keep an eye on our signature programs page for upcoming programming and events.

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